Manifold Valves

Manifold Valves

CHAMP offers a variety range of 2, 3 & 5 Valves Instrument Manifold, Which are designed for safety, reliability and positive LEAK TIGHT sealing of Process Fluid, Static Pressure Transmittters and for Differential Pressure Transmitters application in a wide range of Instrumentation. These Manifold gives the user greater flexibility, because these offers a variety of simple configuration of easy Block, Bleed and Calibration of Static Pressure Transmittter, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch and Gauges.

The flow through CHAMP Manifold is controlled by a Needle Valve. Each valve has specific function to Isolate the Pressure , to Bleed off Pressure or to Equalise the Pressure, depending on its location on the Manifold body.


  • Bonnet Design: Screwed Bonnet.
  • Inlet connection: NPT(F), BSPT(F) or Flanged.
  • Outlet connection: NPT(F), BSPT(F) or Flanged.
  • Drain connection: 1/4" NPT(F),
  • Packing: PTFE, Grafoil.
  • Testing: Valves are tested 3000 psig Hydraulically & 150 psig Pneumatically.
  • Temperature Rating: PTFE-up to 200°C / Grafoil-up to 350°C

CHAMP Manifold are available in 2, 3 & 5 Valve Instrument Manifold

  • - Two Valve Manifold are used in Pressure Instrument such as Pressure Gauges, Static Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches.
  • - Three Valve & Five Valve Manifolds are used in Differential Pressure Instruments such as Differential Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Switches, Differential Pressure Gauges etc. It is also useful for flushing of the system and prevention of loss of expensive Process Fluid in the impulses.

CHAMP Manifolds are available in three different types of designs.

  • - Separately or Remote Mounting Manifolds (Pipe To Pipe) Manifold installation from the instrument and are usually connected by means of pipe or tube, pipe and pipe fittings, tube and tube fittings.
  • - Integral or Direct Mounting `T’ Type Manifolds (Pipe To Flange) for the Direct Mounting on the Instrument and screwed process connection.
  • - Integral or Direct Mounting `H’type (Flange To Flange) Manifold for stacked assembly between the Instrument and flanged process connection.

CHAMP INSTRUMENTS & ENGINEERS Manifold are available in variety of materials depending on the usage. The most common materials of construction are Carbon Steel (ASTM A105), Stainless Steel (ASTM A276 Gr.304, 316, 304L and 316L / ASTM A182 F304, 316, 304L, 316L and F321), Cupro Nickel, Monel.