Stainless Steel Tubes-SMLS

Stainless Steel Tubes-SMLS


  • Material: SS 316, 316L / SS 304, 304L (as per ASTM A269).
  • Size: In Inches 1/4" to 1/2" and in Metric 6mm to 12mm.
  • Marked to indicate Size, Material, Specifications and Heat Code.
  • Standard Instrumentation Tubing.
  • Gauge: 14, 16, 18, 19, 20 SWG
  • Length: 6 meters
  • Testing: Tubes are tested 1500 psig Hydraulically & 150 psig Pneumatically.

Tubing Selection

  • Selection of Tubes are based on the Material, Hardness, Wall thickness and Surface finish.
  • Finised Tubes shall be reasonably straight and have smooth ends free from burrs. It shall be free from injurious defects.

Tubing Quality

  • - The Tube should be fully annealed high quality Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tubing to ASTM A269 or equivalent the preferred hardness is RB 80 or less. If harder Tube is used (RB 90 is the maximum allowed by ASTM A269).
  • - The Tubing should be free from scratches & suitable for bending also reasonably straight & have smooth ends free from burrs & from injurious defects. It dimensions should be within tolerance with compare to Tube Fittings dimension tolerance.
  • - Tube cutters or hacksaws should be sharp. Do not take deep cuts with each turn of the cutter or stroke of the saw.
  • - Tube ends should be deburred. This helps to ensure that the Tubing will go all the way through the ferrules without damaging the Ferrule sealing edge.

Standard Test:

1) Dimensional, 2) Chemical, 3) Hydro Test, 4) Hardness : RB max.90, 5) Micro Test (to verify seamless or welded, 6) Visual Inspection i.e. Finishing, 7) Physical